KAM Snaps Size 20 Value Packs


Special Value Packs include a total of 400 snaps in 8 colours.  Colours may vary from batch to batch that we make up so please check the list of current colours as they may be different from the ones you have purchased in the past.



B8 - Bright Blue

B10 - Sunset Yellow

B16 - Royal Blue

B28 - Lavender

B29 - Jade Green

B46 - Teal

B54 - Crimson

B55 - Bright Orange


Pinks and Purples 

B18 - Pastel Pink

B47 - Neon Pink

B57 - Medium Pink

T329 - Pink Sky

B28 - Lavender

B35 - Purple

B56 - Bright Purple

D325 - Lilac


Greens and Blues 

B8 - Bright Blue

B14 - Spring Green

B20 - Pastel Blue

B31 - Hunter Green

B44 - Apple Green

B58 - Navy

B46 - Teal

D313 - Smoky Navy



B3 - White

B4 - Dark Grey

B5 - Black

B9 - Olive Grey

B22 - Ivory

B24 - Light Grey

B37 - Cream

B43 - Pearly White


Size 20 caps are 12.4mm in diameter and prongs are 5.6mm

WARNING - Loose pieces can present a choking hazard to small children