KAM Snaps Size 16 Strawberry Shaped Snaps

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Important information about these new snaps - please read before buying.

Sold in multiples of 50 complete sets. 

Each set is comprised of a strawberry shaped cap, one socket, one stud and one plain cap for the reverse of your product.  You can choose B54 Crimson or B3 white for the other parts.  

The strawberry cap is in a matte finish, as is the plain cap.  Regular size 16 caps are 10.7mm in diameter, the strawberry is 15mm at it's widest point.

A special die for DK-93 Press is required to set the strawberry cap which can be found here.  Please note this is the bottom part of the die for the strawberry caps only.  You will need a regular size 16 die set to apply the other parts which you can find here for DK-93 Press.   

Size 16 caps are 10.7mm in diameter and prongs are 4.6mm

WARNING - Loose pieces can present a choking hazard to small children