Snap FAQ

Snap FAQ

Snap Sizes

Size 14 caps are 9.74mm in diameter and prongs are 3.5mm
Size 14 long prong snaps, prongs are 5mm long
Size 16 caps are 10.7mm in diameter and prongs are 4.6mm
Size 16 long prong snaps, prongs are 5.2mm long
Size 20 caps are 12.4mm in diameter and prongs are 5.6mm
Size 20 long prong snaps, prongs are 6.2mm long
Size 22 caps are 14.1mm in diameter and prongs are 7mm
What are KAM snaps made of? 
KAM plastic snaps are made from polyacetal resin, a type of plastic that is stronger and more durable than other types of plastic.

What size snap should I use? 
This is somewhat of a loaded question because what size is right for you depends on your particular project, the fabric you are using, the number of layers you have, and your own personal preference.  The information below is just a general guide.  

- Size 20 is most commonly used for general applications, including cloth nappies and clothing.   This is the most popular size of plastic snaps and is a good size to start with for most projects.

- Size 16 is most commonly used for baby and toddler clothing, menstrual pads, and dummy clips. 

- Size 14 has very short prongs and should only be used for very thin material like grosgrain ribbon or doll clothing.

- Size 22 is for heavy duty applications requiring a firm grip, such as tote bags, tarps, coats, and upholstery.

What cap prong length should I use?

Your fabric thickness & density, the prong length of your snap, and how hard you press down all contribute to whether your snaps are installed successfully or not. 

The following is mentioned above but bears repeating:

Problems arise when the length of the prong is inappropriate for the fabric it is being used on. When the pointy prong of the cap piece is flattened, the resulting barrier "pancake" has to be neither too small nor too large.Generally speaking, the smaller the “size”, the shorter the prong and the thinner the fabric they should be used for.  

Presses vs Pliers

What tool do I need to install snaps?

It depends on what kind of snaps you want to use.  Our HG will work on the following plastic snaps (and only these snaps):

  • sizes 14, 16, 20, and 22 plastic snaps
  • heart and star plastic snaps

If you want to install any other kind of snap, such as metal snaps of any size, size 24 plastic snaps, or pronged studs, you must use a table-top press or KX8J pliers with corresponding dies. Please continue reading below for the benefits of each tool and to help determine which would be best for you.

What are the differences between using a snap press, HG snap pliers and KX8J pliers?

Snap pliers are a cheaper alternative to snap presses.  Our snap presses and pliers can all be used to attach plastic snaps. 

The benefits of the HG pliers are:

- More affordable than a press.

- Works better than a press on thinner fabric (ie. 2 layers of PUL or t-shirt cotton)

- Dies don't have to be changed for sockets vs studs.

- Compatible with different brands of plastic snaps.

- Portable so they can be used to apply snaps to large items which cannot be moved.

- Can be used to apply pronged studs with the appropriate die (purchased separately here

- Convenient for travel.

- Do not take up a lot of space.

- Do not require as much arm or shoulder strength as the press.

We also offer snap removal pliers if you need to remove a bad or damaged snaps.

The benefits of the DK-93 presses are:

- With the appropriate dies, the press can also be used to attach metal snaps and grommets. 

- There are some plastic snaps that only be installed with a press because there is no corresponding dies for the pliers.  These include, but are not limited to. pronged studs for double-sided snaps and size 24 snaps.

- The press results in a more uniform/even and professional appearance.

- With the pliers, you only have enough clearance to attach snaps to an area close to the edge of your fabric.  The press offers a greater amount of clearance for your fabric so that you can attach snaps farther away from the edge.  The press also provides a wider clearance for thicker/bulkier materials.

- If you are attaching a lot of snaps, the press will speed your work up a great deal, and can be converted into a foot press.

- Does not require as much hand or grip strength as pliers.

The benefits of a KSUK mini press V's the DK-93 press are:

- They are smaller and lighter than the DK-93

- As they are our own brand of tool, they represent good value for money if you find pliers to be hard on your hands or wish to apply metal snaps without investing in a full size professional press

- Cons wise they are not recommended for users who wish to apply thousands of snaps.  I would always recommend the full size press for these users.